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Alessandra Bester - Artist, Creative Director, Photographer.

The past.

My relationship with the camera started long before I made the decision regarding what I wished to do in the future. In childhood I have always had tendencies for documenting events and illustrating them into story books – nothing has changed; just the tools I now use are different.

After working for my mum's fashion studio, I have graduate from Fine Art Academy with a degree in painting and stage design. Photography has always been a part of my education but with time has become a way of looking at documenting editorials with the collaboration of interesting visual images.



For me the actual photographic process is a closure and summary of all the elements of artistic creative process I apply working on an image: staging environment, dressing the models, make up and body paint, playing with lights and shadows and using different photographic techniques/angles/effects.

Apart from having technical skills and knowledge about photography I am primarily an artist. My photography is artistic and poetic and in most cases involves post production painting, retouching and photo manipulation for the purpose of achieving final artwork.

I use photography in two different ways:

One – to produce photographic artwork

Two – to document naturally spontaneous moments with unpredictable techniques.


Human Fascination.

In my paintings as well as in photography I am constantly amazed with the beauty of body shapes, in muscularity, anatomical perfection and imperfection, in movement, still, single and in connection with objects, textures and other media. Capturing or documenting portraits allows me to focus my concentration on the character of a person and their moods at a given time, a fracture in time so to speak.


Professional Journey.

I have managed to narrow my client range to the ‘on-stage' individuals: Musicians, artists, singers, actors/actresses, dancers, models, designers…. Working closely with other creative people, but in time I began looking for more narrative ways of using my creativity appealing to wider audiences.

Quite by accident, or by a stroke of fate if that is your belief, I found the conduit that would allow me this exact freedom – the business world.

I find myself inextricably drawn to certain businesses where I feel an affinity for their product/services/ethos. These factors inspire me to use striking images to provoke attention and produce successful advertising campaigns or to accelerate sales of a new albums, services or products, creating brand images for individuals, corporations, musicians, small & large businesses that engage the target market and press on their emotions. Presenting these businesses and individuals to the world through strategic design, photography & art, has invigorated my creative propensity to levels I could never have imagined. I want more…





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