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Photographic Project by Alessandra Bester

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First Closing date 16th March 2009

If you had no conventional means of communication (speech, signed language, makaton…), how would you express your emotions?

This is photographic journey that I am taking - visiting peoples lives and their emotions that are deeply hidden and preserving them forever on film.

Shyness, fetishes, love, desires, pain, confusions, loss, sadness, disappointments, sense of secrecy…..

In a world so abuzz with words, the things we don't say are the most important. Communicating with materials and objects can in some ways reveal the hidden secrets and compressed feelings that we will never otherwise find.

The idea grew out of the concept of being totally honest as an artist about things that one could not expose as a person in everyday life. The idea of hidden personalities, true self, deep secrets and the boiling point of wanting to scream out the loud against all that is implied by the social rules of society - making one dangerously vulnerable.

I like the idea of using all sorts of different materials and textures to hide the face or facial expressions/emotions behind the obvious; water, powder, body paint, hiding in light and in shadow/deep darkness, under fabrics, under your hair, hands, a book you have written, the name your own, wire, cable, guitar string, ribbon, gel, lubricant, chocolate sauce, flowers, other people, shredded paper, make-up, leaves, grass, behind your own portrait, text you have written, facial expression that you have acted out……

The process of making relationships with the chosen object and material can be achieved when revealing your personality to the camera - that will capture a moment of the strong emotions that would translate some meaning to the viewers.

I am looking for ‘real people' to take part in this project which will be shot in March and April in London .

As there is no budget for this project, this is good opportunity for anyone who needs good portrait photography or headshots for their portfolio or casting site in exchange for their time.

I am not necessary looking for pretty models but really, people of all ages and ethnicity.

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First closing date for this project is 16 March 2009

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