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Tim Andrews - Documenting Parkinson's..

First Meeting March 2009


Anniversary of the diagnosis 28 Oct 2009

Anniversary of the diagnosis 28 Oct 2010

Anniversary of the diagnosis 28 Oct 2011

Photo-Forum February 14th 2013

Thursday 14th February. 6pm-8pm.
Calumet, 93-103 Drummond st, London. NW1 2HJ. Nearest tube, Euston. Post talk drinks at The Prince Arthur, Eversholt st.

This will be a special Photo-Forum as we will hear from 10 photographers who have all created images of the same subject - Tim Andrews , for his project ‘Over the Hill'.

Over the last 5 years Tim has been photographed by over 230 photographers charting his life since diagnosis with Parkinson's Disease. He describes the project as “an incredible journey of self-discovery” during which he has been able to confront his illness by working with photographic artists of the highest calibre.

Tim will tell the story of this amazing project, showing some of the photographs and films which have been produced over the last five years. He will be joined on stage by several of the photographers, each of whom will talk about their photograph of Tim.

The photographers joining Tim include: Zed Nelson , Maja Daniels , Andrew Firth , Inzajeano Latif , Alessandra Bester , Liz Orton , Alma Haser , Giulia Zucchetti , Martina O'Shea and Paul Rider .

The project has been featured on the Culture Show on BBC TV and in The Times , The Guardian , The British Journal of Photography , The Big Issue and Photography Monthly. There have been exhibitions at the Lightbox Gallery in Woking, the Guernsey Photography Festival and in Southport, Merseyside with three more exhibitions scheduled

for 2013.

Anniversary of the diagnosis 28 Oct 2012


I first meet Tim Andrews when I audition him for my project ‘Locked Emotions' in March 2009. I was looking for people who had story to tell and he was the perfect model. Diagnosed with Parkinson's disease in October 2005 Tim set himself on journey to be photographed by as many people as possible to document his life and create awareness campaign.

I was 'infected' by Tim's enthusiasm, but also for personal reasons I have decide to take on the journey with Tim and see it true till the last days. We are now meeting on the Anniversary of the diagnosis every year in October to photograph the progress of our project and absorb any changes.

Tim is incredible person to be around whom in face of the impossible proves to be completely inspired.

This is what he says;

‘My life has been transformed by the disease but in a very positive way. l was a lawyer for 29 years and, although there were many enjoyable aspects to the job eg my partners, my clients, my staff and the opportunity to use a legal mind to resolve problems, l worked very long hours. l was forced to retire in 2006 and since then l have had the freedom to indulge all my interests such as watching cricket, going to the cinema, writing and being involved in my photographic project. For a number of reasons, I am happier now than I have ever been. I was not unhappy before but having the disease has enabled me to view life and death from a completely different perspective and I feel liberated as a consequence.'  Tim Andrews


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